About Us

Ahmad Sabra:

ahmedIntroduced to photography at a young age, back when there was no Photoshop or digital cameras, Ahmed fell in love with black and white images and till today his main preference is to shoot with black and white film. After working several different jobs and pursuing many careers, Ahmed found himself drawn back to his passions.

Re-introduced to photography in 2005 while working at Canon, his inspiration lies in the belief that a good photograph is one that communicates/interacts with its audience. A good photo must convey a subject, but a great photo conveys an emotion.

Ahmad is now running an established photography studio with his wife, Zahrah, and is looking forward to new horizons be they what may.

“Photography is the avenue in which I am able to capture and present moments of peoples lives, to find the essence and balance through an image. My photography work is predominantly focused on documenting the Muslim community in Australia. In my photographs I try to explore the lives of individuals in the Muslim community who identify themselves as Muslims. The Muslim community are often portrayed negatively; I seek to demystify these negative opinions from an internal perspective, while maintaining objectivity.”

-Ahmad Sabra.

National Portrait Gallery Photographic Prize 2013 Finalist
Qantas Spirit of the Youth awards SOYA2013 Finalist
Hume Emerging Visual Artist Encouragement Award Winne


Zahrah Habibullah:

zahrah Having taken photos for as long as she can remember, Zahrah was always the one in high school with her camera in hand who wanted to capture and document those special moments. As a photographer/designer/creator, her work embodies a sense of celebration of this world. Zahrah finds beauty and craftsmanship and her work overlaps a number of disciplines; graphic design, photography, painting, mixed media and jewellery creation.

Currently Zahrah engages in the roles of wife, a mother to her son Noah, and running Lah’za Photography with her husband, Ahmad.

Her jewellery work can be viewed at www.zahrahhabibullah.com

“Over the years I have traveled extensively and lived in North Africa and the Middle East, which, has without a doubt contributed to the enrichment and depth of my work. However, my roots are firmly planted in the Asian Pacific, having been born and raised in New Zealand, and spent much of my early twenties in Australia.”

-Zahrah Habibullah